The good people of Killeen, Texas are about to see some seriously impressive displays of beauty and confidence. I'm talking afros, braids, dreadlocks, and plenty of healthy and natural hair conversation at its finest. I’m so excited that the Armed Forces Natural Hair Health Expo is coming back to Killeen.


Getty Images / Atlantic / New Line Cinema / A&M / Ruffhouse / Prince
Getty Images / Atlantic / New Line Cinema / A&M / Ruffhouse / Prince

The Armed Forces Natural Hair and Health Expo returns to the Killeen Civic & Conference Center, 3601 S. WS Young, on Saturday, November 5.

This event is aimed at not only inspiring confidence in the beauty of natural hair (coily, kinky, wavy or curly), but at offering expert advice and tips to anyone transitioning to natural hair or who've already embraced it and need help keeping it looking and feeling great. There's also an emphasis on healthy living and self-care.

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The always amazing Mrs. Luvina Ann Norwood-Sabree is such a positive and uplifting person in our community, and I love the fact that she puts on fantastic events like this that showcase people of color and how beautiful our natural hair is.

As a woman of color, I wasn't always proud of my natural hair, but in recent years so many people have been embracing its beauty. Event like this can help inspire more positivity and help more of us live as our authentic and beautiful selves.

If you want more information about the event or how to become a sponsor or vendor, check out their website at

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