As if Netflix and chill couldn't get any better, they announced a significant move for the culture.

If you haven't already been crazy in love with the streaming service Netflix, you will be now. Customers have been geeked all day about the seven classic sitcom addition that they plan to roll out within the next few months.

Classic black sitcoms from the late '90s and 2000s are making a comeback, and I'm here for it. We will now have the chance to binge watch some favs like Moesha, One on One, Sister Sister, The Parkers, Half and Half, The Game and Girlfriends.

All 7 of the sitcoms will begin to roll out in the next three months so that customers won't be overwhelmed with binge-watching these hits.

  • “Moesha” — Aug. 1
  • “The Game” (seasons 1-3) — Aug. 15
  • “Sister Sister” — Sept. 1
  • “Girlfriends” — Sept. 11
  • “The Parkers” — Oct. 1
  • “Half & Half” — Oct. 15
  • “One on One” — Oct. 15

Check out the official release video that Netflix put out featuring some of the stars of the sitcoms below.



Disclaimer* When these sitcoms drop the 'Netflix and Chill' meaning is going to take a slight twist. The chill will mean shhhh don't talk until it's off... Got it? Okay, good!







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