While many businesses are scaling back operations, Cefco is moving forward and opening a new convenience store location in Temple.

According to a press release from Cefco Stores, the business is opening a new location at 5951 Airport Road in Temple, Texas. To date, no other Cefco store has been built from the ground up in 2020, so Temple is pretty special.

The new store is approximately 6,037 square feet, which is about 11 acres. The new location will also offer self-serve frozen yogurt, yumm! Plus this Cefco will also feature a kitchen with made-to-order burritos.

“We are excited to open this store in Temple with our first CEFCO Kitchen providing our customers with our new made-to-order food offerings,” said Kevin Kennemer, Regional Vice President of Operations. “With the surrounding growth and development, we look forward to serving and partnering with the community.”

This new location will also have eight MPDs, which include Ethanol Free Fuel and four truck lanes. Will you be checking out the new store?

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