The next time you close your eyes, you just might reopen them in 1985.

"Stranger Things" on Netflix has convinced Coca-Cola to bring back the biggest disaster in its company's history: New Coke.

According to CNN, the shows producers thought it would be a great idea to promote the show's next season. The new season begins in July and is set in 1985, which was the year that Coke decided to change up it's iconic recipe to compete more with Pepsi.

Back in the day, I was a Pepsi freak. To me, Coke tasted chalky and flat, while Pepsi had an effervescent pop to it's Pop. When New Coke came out, it turned the world upside down.

It seems that the planet had gotten used to chalky, flat cola and there was no way in hell that they were going to drink the new stuff. Well, to me, the new stuff was perfect. It was like drinking a high end Pepsi from a Coke can.

Once again I was in the minority, and Coke brought back it's "Original" recipe. Flat and chalky was back and New Coke was out.

In 1994 I got a job in Sheridan, Wyoming. It turns out that Sheridan was one of the final resting places for all the New Coke. I was in heaven. I ended up gaining 50 pounds in 6 months, and all of it was sugar from New Coke.

I ended up drinking it so much that my body started to reject it. I'm no longer able to process caffeine, so this amazing news of New Coke coming back is heartbreaking. I can't partake in the joyous nostalgia that will surely grip social media this summer. Oh well, again, in the minority.

Start checking the Pop aisle starting Thursday, May 23rd. Stock up, while supplies last, unless of course you live in Wyoming, because I'm sure that's where they'll ship it to once this promotion is over.

Enjoy your Summer World. New Coke will make you smile. Chase it with some pudding and a Cosby Lude Cocktail and slip into the oblivion that was the 80s.

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