Here in Texas when Dr. Pepper does something it is big news.

Last year they partnered up with another Texas favorite, Whataburger with the soft drink favorite flavored ice cream shake. We here at the station had to try the shake as soon as we got the news. It's a hard job, I know, but we had to do what we had to do.

Shortly after that, they came out with the 'very berry' flavor to promote the new Spider-man movie. How the two relate still baffles me, but hey it tasted good.

Now according to @candyhunting the Waco based soft drink will be releasing a new flavor in March of this year.



'Dr. Pepper and Cream Soda' witha diet version as well is the latest Dr. Pepper creation. I feel like it's not all that different than the classic vanilla flavor, but maybe it will be a little smotther ofr something. Who knows. But I do know I will be trying it come March.

I mean it's DP and I'm a Texan, it's my duty.


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