Here we go again with new music this week on the number one Hip Hop Station in Central Texas!


Fredo Bang is back out and ready to bless the world with his musical masterpieces! This one features Lil Durk called "TOP"


I can't wait to see who is going on the remix to this song because the beat is NASTY!

His name is BLXST (BLAST) and the song is called "Overrated" 


Juicy Jasmine Sullivan is what I like to call her. Always had a great voice, she's back and better! It's called "Pick Up Your Feelings" 



When they got together almost 20 years ago it was magical, and here they go again.

They have both aged well!

Busta Rhymes and Mariah Carey with "Where I Belong" 

Coi Leray got a brand new one with Lil Durk.

I can't mention her without mentioning her dad Benzino (from Love and Hip Hop on VH1).

It's called "No More Parties"



New music lives on the Number One Hip Hop Station in Central Texas B106!  


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