Nipsey Hussle is in a very good mood after finally releasing his debut album, Victory Lap. He recently had one minor setback, but instead of getting all up in arms about it, he's turning lemons into lemonade and one lucky fan will be happy he did.

Friday (Feb. 16.), the L.A. rapper's promotional vehicle, the All Money In Brinks truck, was towed by police for reportedly being parked in a handicap spot in front of the Crenshaw MC's store. According to TMZ, the police discovered the tags had been expired for six months and impounded the vehicle.

Nipsey announced the slight setback on Instagram and decided to start a contest for fans willing to go to Pepe's Towing, where the vehicle was located, and take a picture with the armored truck. "So tha Police buster Ass Towed our All Money In Brinks Truc," he captioned a video of the vehicle sitting on the back of a flat-bed tow truck. "SO HERES WHAT WE DOIN....WE GIVING AWAY A 14K Gold All Money In Chain And Piece for one lucky winner. JUS PULL UP TO PEPE’s TOWING AND TAKE A PIC BY THE ARMORED TRUCK AND HASHTAG #VICTORYLAP & #FREETHEBRINCKSTRUCK to enter the GIVEAWAY!! 918 S Boyle Ave Los Angeles, CA 90023 United States."

Last night, TMZ caught up with the "Dedication" rapper who talked about the situation. "One thing we don't respect, is how the LAPD came through and took our Brinks truck," he said. "We putting on for the city. We showing love. We raising the expectations of young niggas that come up out the hood. And we don't understand why the police want to hate on that. But guess what? We gone turn the negative into a positive," he added before spelling out the contest rules.

Strangely, Nipsey has had parking issues in the past. He was  arrested for outstanding warrants last August, after police discovered his car parked in a handicap spot.

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