Texas is always trying to make sure that its residents are being safe and making smart decisions. There are various organizations that are dedicated to certain cause helping Texans be smart. One of these organziation, The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, checks to make sure businesses that sell alcoholic beverages are following regulations.

Sometimes Texas needs help from fellow Texans to make sure we're all helping each other out in being safe. So the TABC put together an operation to check and see if the businesses previously mentioned were following the set guidelines. The results, while somewhat positive, still showed that there is much room for improvement.

The TABC's Findings

According to KXAN, the TABC checked 1,000 businesses that sold alcoholic beverages. The operation began at the start of fall semesters of colleges in Texas. During the operation, the TABC used volunteers who were under the legal drinking age.

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The volunteers went into the establishments with an undercover TABC agent, and attempted to buy alcohol. After multiple visits to various businesses, the TABC revealed 131 violations from establishments selling alcohol to minors. The data from the TABC showed an 86% compliance rate.

Conclusions From The TABC

TABC Executive Director, Thomas Graham, stated in comment regarding the findings:

“Our state’s alcohol retailers are the first line of defense when it comes to preventing the illegal sale of alcohol to minors, while TABC will continue to hold violators accountable, our first goal is to serve as a resource to help educate businesses and ultimately keep them in compliance."

Those who were found to be selling alcohol to minors may face sanctions, listed here.

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