There are plans for a walkout today at Houston Methodist Hospital that will affect nurses, their patients, and anyone who does not like being told they have to take a non-FDA-approved vaccine in order to keep their job.

What's Happening at Houston Medical?

A nurse on staff is suing the hospital over their policy that employees must be vaccinated against COVID-19 according to a story shared by Jeff Ehling with ABC 13 Houston. Nurse Jennifer Bridges feels the same way a lot of American's feel. Unless the FDA approves one of the experimental vaccines being used with emergency authorization, how can any employer anywhere demand employees either take the shot or lose their job?

So far, Pfizer has applied for full approval from the FDA as has Moderna. Despite these vaccines being in use for months, the FDA has not made a change to their "emergency use only" status. Nonetheless, Houston Methodist gave employees till June 7th to get vaccinated or take a hike. Back on May 28th, a group of over 100 hospital employees decided to sue their employer for this decision. Their lawsuit asks the court to protect these employees from losing their jobs.

Today's Walk Out Planned for 7 PM

Jennifer Bridges and coworkers will face a suspension at the end of the workday Monday and what ABC 13 Houston reports as "likely termination" if the court does not act on her behalf by the end of the day. A protest is planned for the end of the day at 7 P.M. at the Baytown Campus parking lot.

Nurse Bridges has been with the hospital for 6 years although that may come to an end this evening. Bridges told the media that "I don't think anyone should ever lose their job just because they do not want to get an injection that they are not comfortable with. They should have at least compromised with us and given us a chance since it is just emergency use authorization right now."

What's the Hold-Up?

I wholeheartedly agree. While I chose to get the vaccine myself, how can something that is not approved by the FDA be forced upon anyone? And what's with the FDA still holding onto the "emergency use only status"? How long does it take to review these applications? Once the shot is approved do they (FDA) share in the liability if people become sick or injured? What is the hold-up on the approval? Obviously, people's careers are being interrupted now. I believe we will see these vaccines get approved at some point. I sure hope it's soon. Hate to see people lose their jobs for any reason. Especially when it seems their request is certainly a reasonable one.

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