As the rap feud between Nick Cannon and Eminem continues to develop, the Detroit rhymer’s longtime friend Obie Trice has jumped into the fray with his own diss track aimed at Nick.

On Tuesday (Dec. 10), Obie released “Spanky Hayes” on his YouTube channel. The minute-long diss track features the former Shady Records artist spitting his vitriol at the Wild’n Out creator and his Black Squad for disrespecting Eminem.

“Y’all niggas are broads/You really charlatans, y’all frauds (yeah)/Y’all ain’t ready for real/Detroit City bitch, you get killed,” he raps over the instrumental of Jay-Z’s “30 Something."

At the end of the clip, a typographical message scrolls across the screen that reads, “Fuck Nick...Tell his Bih to come [h]ere.”

Obie’s song comes in the wake of Nick’s latest diss track to Em called “Pray for Him.” On the song, Nick calls Slim Shady "the new white supremacist" and proclaims that he will never be a legend in the rap game.

"And viewed in America as a motherfucking drug addict/You'll never be a legend (Marshall)/Em you should really start to stare at who's in the mirror/Look at all the fucking botox, bitch, I know you're embarrassed," Nick raps. "Fuck all the tricks and the gimmicks/You like the new white supremacist/Say the same fuckin' sentences/Nigga you ain't no lyricist/Lam, blam, flam, flam, take xans and train xans/I bet you never thought the kill shot will come from the cannon, blaow/You used to be a renegade."

The Nick's initial diss was preceded by Eminem's shade on the new Fat Joe track, "Lord Above," which restarted a beef that was 10 years old.

Obie has issues of his own. Just last week, he was arrested for felony assault for allegedly shooting his girlfriend's son in the groin.

Nick has not responded to Obie's remarks about him as of yet. To be continued...

Listen to Obie Trice's Nick Cannon diss song "Spanky Hayes" below.

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