Offset's long-awaited debut albumFather of 4, features collaborations with everyone from his wife Cardi B to other prominent artists like Travis Scott, 21 Savage and J. Cole. In his song "How Did I Get Here," which features Cole, the two rappers recall their grueling journey to beat the odds and come out on the top of the rap game.

Offset kicks things off with some reflective bars. "Where I'm from, police put you six feet, a lot of bums and they sleepin' on the street (Bums)" he raps over a beat produced by Metro Boomin and Dre Moon. "Yeah, yeah, that's at home (Yeah), Nigga, go back to your fam where you dead wrong (Go back)/Miss my dawg, dead and gone (Miss him), I can hear his voice telling me 'Don't go alone' (Pistol)."

Towards the end of the record, J. Cole chimes in with his reflection on his early childhood from the time he was baptized in his hometown of Fayetteville, N.C. He eventually makes it all the way up to his current status as one of the most prominent rhymers in the music industry.

"Baptized at First Baptist Church, the pastor name was Reverend Johnson (Okay)/ Chastised his shirt and matchin' shoes, But had to front, it never bothered him (Okay)/ Hurt his pride but he swallowed it (Okay), Dirt is all that he spotted," Cole raps.

Cole's contribution to Offset's Father of 4 album continues his stream of strong guest spots on the songs of other top-tier artists. He definitely goes in.

Listen to Offset and J. Cole on "How Did I Get Here" below.

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