It's been a big week in the world of 'The Avengers'. There was the official trailer, the extended trailer, our set visit report, a bootleg clip and even the trailer for the third 'Avengers' movie, 'Avengers: Infinity War'. But, even with all those things, nothing can top the 'Avengers 2' trailer as voiced by Pee-wee Herman.

Jimmy Fallon has made a habit on 'The Tonight Show' of re-recording the voiceovers of popular movie trailers with his Pee-wee Herman impression (see: this 'Dark Knight Rises' with Pee-wee voices). But, when Pee-wee himself (Paul Reubens) was a guest last night, Fallon had to ask the man to do the voiceover himself.

And, so he did.

You haven't lived until you've heard Thor yell with Pee-wee Herman's scream. As for the real thing, 'Avengers 2' opens in theaters on May 1, 2015.

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