We expected traffic to get crazier as Texas opened back up, but this is just ridiculous.

Around 6 PM Friday evening, Temple Fire & Rescue units were dispatched to a call about a possible downed airplane. They searched the area of North Belton Middle School and spotted a small plane that had indeed made an emergency landing on Prairie View Road.

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Pictures Courtesy of Temple Fire & Rescue

The pilot told first responders that his craft struck an electrical line after he experienced engine trouble, causing him to lose power mid-flight. Thankfully, no injuries were reported. Sadly, the beautiful plane took major damage to the propeller.

There wasn't much to clean up, and the pilot was able to get the plane onto a trailer and haul it away. This could have been much worse, so kudos to the pilot for landing safely and not getting anyone hurt.

Pictures Courtesy of Temple Fire & Rescue

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