With multiple pump fakes and false alarms, fans have been doing a whole lotta waiting for Playboi Carti's sophomore album, Whole Lotta Red. However, all hope may not be lost that the album will come out in the near future.

The "Magnolia" rapper was a part of GQ magazine's yearly Men of the Year issue, which was announced on Wednesday (Nov. 18). In his profile story, the reclusive rhymer gives somewhat of an update on the new release. As for the sound of the project, Carti says the album's vibe will be "alternative" and "psyched out."

The big question everyone wants to know, though, is when the album will drop. Is there a chance we will receive the release before the year is out? "We'll see," a coy Carti told the publication.

Following the release of Carti's debut album, Die Lit, in May of 2018, fans clamored for more. He first teased a release date for the follow-up in July of 2019, during a show in Milwaukee, Wis., telling the crowd, "I'm trying to drop that shit in the next 60 days. I ain't gon' lie. It feel like we worked too hard for this moment. So, I'ma do this shit with no features." No album yet.

Three months after that announcement, he upset fans who got their hopes up that the album would drop following a cryptic tweet sent out by the rapper. After another false alarm in April of this year, he dropped the single, "@ Meh." He hasn't put out any new music since then.

The wait continues.

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