Valley Elementary School is evaluating what could turn out to be a case of meningitis.

Rissa Shaw with KWTX News 10 shared the news that parents have been sent a letter with the latest information about the possible case of meningitis on Tuesday. The case involves a female student and they want to stress that this student HAS NOT been officially diagnosed.

The letter to parents included the following statement from School Superintendent Mike Kelly who said, "The district is working with the local State Health Department ensure the safety of our students and staff, and we have been advised to notify parents of potential symptoms to look for and when to seek medical treatment."

Schools facing issues such as this will oftentimes deploy super cleaning crews to help disinfect the issue. Kelly told parents this has been done on the campus of Valley Elementary.

Symptoms of Meningitis include fever, rash, headache, neck stiffness, vomiting, chills, along with muscle and joint pain. The school encouraged its students and their families to seek medical attention as soon as possible should they notice these symptoms.

Kelly also asked the community to keep the student in question in their prayers.

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