According to The Hollywood ReportPras Michel is fighting to have millions of dollars returned to his bank account after it was seized by the U.S. government.

On Monday (Jan. 7), the Wave Culture rapper asserted his innocence in an ongoing conspiracy investigation by filing a claim in a D.C. federal court for the $37.5 million that was confiscated after he was accused of participating in an international conspiracy back in November 2018.

"The property is not subject to forfeiture," reads Pras' claim. "The complaint fails adequately to allege that the property is the proceeds of specified unlawful activity or was used to promote, conduct, or facilitate specified unlawful activity, and, in any event, Mr. Michel is an innocent owner of the property who did not know of the conduct or circumstances giving rise to forfeiture."

Back in November, prosecutors alleged that Pras' work with Malaysian investment company 1Malaysia Development Berhad was part of a grand international money laundering scheme. After $4.5 billion of companies funds were reportedly misused, the money was reportedly laundered into bank accounts in the U.S. and elsewhere. Court documents claim that Malaysian financier Jho Low, who was charged for being part of the plot by bribing officials, recruited Pras. From there, authorities believe, Pras then brought on former Justice Department official George Higginbotham to help disguise campaign's connections. The defense alleges that Pras was paid for his part in the scheme by millions of dollars, which were illegally funneled in by Higginbotham through shell companies and falsified documents.

Pras has denied his involvement in the conspiracy case. Over a week after the allegations surfaced, TMZ asked if the investigation is more personal than anything else, Pras claimed that racism played a role in the government's investigation.

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