It's that time of year where students all over the country are preparing to go back to school, and while many are doing plenty of shopping trips, Reebok is recruiting Rae Sremmurd to help out on the sneaker side. Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi sit down for a conversation with the sneaker company, where they talk about their school styles, as well as how they made music while attending classes.

In the new video to promote Reebok's Back to School campaign, the "Black Beatles" hitmakers speak on how they would coordinate their outfits for their school days, with Swae admitting that they would save their best looks for Fridays.

“We’d save our freshest outfit for Friday,” Swae says. “You have to be the freshest on Friday.”

Jxmmi, on the other hand, says that he kept a couple of favorite shirts and pants, and would spread out how often he wore them.

“I know I had two good pairs of pants and three shirts I liked to wear," Slim confesses. "I would try and space them out so people wouldn’t notice if I wore them more than once.”

The hip-hop duo also discuss how they made music in high school, claiming that they used to have freestyle battles with their friends.

“We used to do freestyle battles in the mornings with our homies," Jximmi states.

The two also say that they used to play instruments in school, with Slim Jximmi playing the baritone sax, saying that he was "stupid fire" at it.

At the moment, Rae Sremmurd is gearing up to drop their SremmLife 3 album sometime in the near future, which they have been teasing for the past year. Swae Lee is also slated to drop his solo project, Swaecationdown the line as well, and Jxmmi has a solo project in the works too.

Check out the full interview between Reebok and Rae Sremmurd below.

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