I am a parent whose child attends school in Killeen ISD, and my main concern when my child goes to school is to make sure that not only does he get his education, but hat he feels motivated and safe. I feel like these are the main things that children need from their school as their minds are being molded.

The world we live in now is definitely not the world you and I grew up in. It seems like there are numerous threats of gun violence, fights in school, and constant bullying that kids are having to endure on a daily basis, and it's heartbreaking.

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Every school has its issues that can’t be resolved overnight, but if parents and educators don’t work together to resolve those issues we are all at a standstill. When that happens, it's our children who suffer for it.

In my neighborhood, I've noticed a lot of parents becoming very concerned about the wellbeing of the children who attend Rancier Middle School.

I asked a private group of Killeen citizens on Facebook what they think is the issue with that particular middle school, and there were a lot of parents who just felt that there is no accountability when it comes to staff members. There were parents who felt that communication is lacking with staff when it comes to their child. Personally, I agree.

To be fair, there were also parents who felt that there is nothing wrong with Rancier Middle School, that children are just being children, and that self-control and discipline should be taught at home first and then used at school.

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I totally agree with making sure your child understands certain rules inside and outside of school. For example, you should always keep your hands to yourself, be kind to one another, and if you see something that could put you or another student in danger, you should notify a teacher.

There are so many different opinions when it comes to this middle school. When reading some of the reviews online at greatschools.org, Rancier showed to be below average, with one out of five stars from numerous parents.

I'm of the belief that if we're trusting our children's minds to be molded by educators for eight hours a day, we should be able to more easily and effectively communicate with those educators and our kids should feel safe and motivated.


Rancier Middle School did not deliver that for my son, which was one of the reasons why I took him out of that school. Although my son's experience was not satisfactory for my family, that does not necessarily mean it won’t be for your child.

If we don’t work together as parents and educators to make sure the objective is the same, no one will win - especially the children.

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