Now, this is pretty dope.

Most rappers have promotional contests that give away money, maybe you'll be able to hang out with them, vacation, maybe even win some money.

But naaaa not Young Dolph.

The Memphis rapper held a contest for fans who pre-sale ordered his album, one random winner will be the recipient of his 2018 Aventador S Roadster

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 You read and saw that right, his Lamborghini!  Apparently, he likes giving away cars.   Back in 2018 he gifted a lucky fan with a camouflage Dodge Challenger Hellcat for the best video for his song, "Major".   Last month, as a part of the promotion for his new album "Rich Slave" Young Dolph held a contest for his $417,000 Lamborghini and personally delivered it to this very lucky Texas girl. 

I got questions:

Where is she going to park this car?

Does she now have to keep up with the car note and insurance or is it paid in full?

She's in Dallas.... isn't she scared she may get jacked?

Check out Young Dolph's latest single featuring Megan Thee Stallion "RNB" heard right here on B106!


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