It's safe to say that OnlyFans has become the go-to platform for rappers and celebrities to secure a bag in light of the coronavirus pandemic this year. The content subscription service hit the mainstream radar in April when Beyoncé teased that she might start an OnlyFans on Megan Thee Stallion's hit "Savage (Remix)."

Over the last nine months, there has been an influx of rappers joining the platform. According to Slotsup's report in September, Cardi B is among the top earners on OnlyFans, reportedly raking in $9 million in monthly revenue on the service. Tyga, who has been raising eyebrows with his adult content on his account, is reportedly making over $7 million a month. While Slotsup published their findings of rappers' OnlyFans earnings, an OnlyFans representative has informed XXL that they do not release this info to the public.

So, with OnlyFans' rising popularity, it's only natural that rappers start name-dropping the website in their lyrics. Artists like Joyner Lucas, Benny The Butcher and G-Eazy mention OF in their punchlines while Blueface and Teejayx6 have songs named after OnlyFans.

Meanwhile, some rappers acknowledged that OF is going mainstream. On Hopsin's track "Covid Mansion," the rhymer notices that "about four, five, 600 new hoes made a OnlyFans account."

Artists like Lil Durk and Megan Thee Stallion are tuned in. Durkio "subscribed to her OnlyFans" on Ne-Yo's "U 2 Luv (Remix)" while Meg "seen that OnlyFans shit" on DJ Chose's "Thick (Remix)."

Interestingly, some rappers scoff at women who are on OnlyFans. On NLE Choppa's track "Twin Flame," the 2020 XXL Freshman vowed to make sure his daughter is never on the content subscription service. "I'd be damned if I see my daughter make an OnlyFans," he raps on the song.

Love it or hate it, OnlyFans is the new social media wave for rappers and celebrities to provide adult content to their most loyal subscribers. So XXL highlights some of the rappers who are dropping lyrics about OnlyFans in their music. Check it out below.

See the Rappers Dropping Lyrics About OnlyFans

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