Even though he has been in the music game for over 20 years, Redman is still as humble as they come by his living means. The New Jersey rapper still goes down in history for showing off his small and grimey Staten Island home on a hilarious episode of MTV Cribs in 2001, but apparently, the Scared Famous host still lives there.

While sitting down for a conversation with Hot 97, Red first starts off the interview around the one-minute mark by revealing that his manager, James Ellis, put him on to Staten Island in 1998. He claims that he was only there for a real estate investment at the time, but ended up staying as a resident for the next 19 years. Laura Styles then brings up his episode of MTV Cribs, remarking on the previously run-down home, to which the veteran hip-hop star confirms that he still lives there.

"Yeah, that's what the hell I live in. Yeah, the same one," he says. "Yeah, that's my crib. A housekeeper? I can't even fit like four or five people in there without it being crowded. It's real small. Two bedrooms. Two bathrooms though. It's only one way in and one way out. No back door...that's it. That's how I like it."

Ebro and the hosts ask Red why he never chose to upgrade into a larger home and different neighborhood over the years, to which he explains that he actually enjoys the environment for his living means.

"I wouldn't know what to do with a big house," he explains. "Like I tried to get my moms a big house, let my kids stay in the house and stuff, but me, I don't know, I'm just like that Oscar Madison kind of rapper, you know what I mean? I like just staying in a comfortable [environment]...just waking up right to the board, right to the bathroom, right to the kitchen and cook, then right back to the board, working. Working!"

As long as he's happy and comfortable, it looks like Redman is living his best life regardless of the size, and cleanliness, of his home. We're sure it's even helping him save a ton of money compared to most.

Check out the full interview from Redman with Hot 97 below.

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