Animals in Killeen, much like people moving to the area, have grown in size steadily. With more animals appearing, there is a guarantee of someone seeing a stray cat or dog running around Central Texas. The City established the Killeen Animal Advisory Committee, to put forth suggestions and recommendations to help control the population of animals in the city.

However, in a report recently released by KXXV, the city of Killeen may not be listening to suggestions from the committee.

Recent Resignations

Four individuals have recently removed themselves from the committee. KXXV received comments from the former committee chair and vice chair. They alledge that the city didn't listen to their ideas. According to Linda Marzi, the former vice-chair:

"Anytime we put any advisement or any suggestions, nothing was ever really implemented or any of the ideas we brought forward."

Marzi also stated she felt like she was wasting her time. However the main reason for leaving her post was the amount of euthanizations reported by the city.

The City reported 983 euthanizations this past year. Data shows the number doubled from last year. A local animal rights activist, Duke, spoke to KXXV saying:

"Too many not sustainable numbers that we needed to have and then get you far away from being a ‘no-kill shelter.”

Duke also said "It may be better not being on the committee rather than being on the committee because not much is happening.”

At the time of writing, the city has not commented to KXXV or citizens regarding euthanizations.

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