Usually when Rick Ross is involved in a music video, it ends up becoming a movie. His natural ambition to create cinematic visuals is apparent. And YFN Lucci's new music video for "Heartless" is no exception.

In the Marc Diamond-directed video, Rick Ross appears to be a mob boss who looks after his own collection of roses. While trimming some roses, he gives one of his soldiers, YFN Lucci, a mission that acts as a counterattack for the loss of a fallen member, Nut. Lucci then suits up with his crew to rob their enemies, dressed in similar costumes as in the movie, The Town. Once they find their unsuspecting targets, they hit them quickly, leave no survivors and burn the evidence.

To tie the video together, there's a bonus clip at the end that features Nut and Lucci. Nut places a big weight on YFN Lucci's shoulders in an encouraging way, saying that he's, "the new, improved Atlanta, Georgia here to build it, man."

"Heartless" comes off of YFN Lucci's Long Live Nut EP. Lucci has been busy touring and working on new music as of late for his unnamed 2017 debut album. He's been steady putting in work as a guest artist as well for songs including Compton's Garren's "You Know That" and putting together all-star lineups for his remixes like "Everyday We Lit" featuring PnB Rock, Lil Yachty and Wiz Khalifa. His music video output this year has also been impressive with "What's the Combo" and "Been Broke Before."

You can watch the video for "Heartless" below.

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