Rihanna is out for for blood in the video for her money-hungry ode "Bitch Better have My Money," off her forthcoming album, R8.

The cinematic visual supersedes most clips that have been released so far this year. Rihanna teamed up with director Megaforce and some big-name actors to make the entire story come together -- she thought of the concept eight months ago.

She puts on for all her moneymakers in this very controversial flick, which displays nudity, murder and mayhem. Rihanna is overdosing on confidence and money. She also plays the role of a crime boss, who is also a killer. Don't mess with RiRi's money. She's here to collect. Rather than simply ask for her money, the singer oes the unthinkable and takes her victim to an abandoned farm, strips her down naked, hangs her upside down and uses her as her personal pendulum. Rihanna definitely upped her hood credentials after this one.

From getting her victim drunk to beating her senseless, you get the idea that Rihanna isn't someone to mess around with. If you owe her a dollar, you better get her buck back as soon as possible -- and definitely not in quarters. Let's just say that even the accountant, played by Mads Mikkelsen, feels her wrath in this nutty video.Even Eric Roberts shows up as a police sheriff, looking to take someone down.

After killing both the accountant and his lovely wife, Rihanna revels in her score by laying on a chest full of money, drenched in blood. If that isn't trill, then we honestly don't know what is.

Witness Rihanna's 7-minute bloodbath unfold above.

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