In my opinion, Texas is probably the most beautiful state in all of the USA. I might also be biased due to the fact that I am a proud lifelong Texan and I love it here, but hey it’s my article and I’m writing it so my opinion counts in this matter. Our state is full of hidden gems, and one of them is a surprisingly palatial estate tucked away in Salado, Texas.

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There’s just so much land and opportunity here in the great state of Texas, where you could literally build the house of your dreams. A lot of times, people think living here can't be as luxurious or glamorous as living somewhere like California or New York, but our state has its fair share of beautiful mansions and ranch homes that are absolutely breathtaking. In fact, there are some right here in Central Texas.

When you first look at this gorgeous piece of real estate, you might think there’s no way that this property is here in Central Texas. When I came across this beautiful property with one of my co-workers, our jaws dropped in disbelieve and we had to check Google Earth to see if it was really there.



Can you believe that this magnificent home is located in Salado? The home is currently listed at $2,500,000, and once you see the place, you'll understand why. You can check out this listing on Zillow if you’re interested in moving in, and if you happen to purchase it, I would love an invite. I’ll bring wine!

Can You Even Believe This Gorgeous House in Salado, Texas Exists?

This gorgeous house in Salado is like something out of a movie. When we saw the listing on Zillow, we were in disbelief and had to check Google Earth to see if it was really there. Take a look inside this Texas-style castle.

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