(Mabank, Texas) - Back in February, we shared the story of a total scumbag on the Texas Most Wanted list, Santos Ramirez. He was sought for multiple crimes, such as Continuous Violence Against the Family, Stalking, and Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child. Thankfully, with the help of a tip to law enforcement, Ramirez has been found.

The Update On The Capture Of The Fugitive From Law

According the Texas Department of Public Safety, Ramirez was found in the town of Mabank. The organization stated that in his capture on March 16th of 2023, U.S. Marshals Joint East Texas Fugitive Task Force members brought him to justice. These included Smith County Sheriff’s Office, The Texas Attorney General’s Office, Tyler Police Department, TDCJ-OIG, and DPS Special Agents.

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Texas DPS is also examining the tip information provided to see if a reward will paid out to the unknown tipster. But Ramirez isn't the only individual found recently by Texas authorities. There are also individuals needed to brought to justice as well.

Thank You For Helping Catch This POS

This isn't the first time a criminal we've discussed has been taken into custody thanks to help from Texans. Our article about Matthew Hoy Edgar went viral thanks to your shares, and he was captured shortly after we talked about his crimes. While this is wonderful news, there are still fugitives that need to be brought into custody and put back in their cages.

Dangerous fugitives such as Margaret Smith, and Cesar Soto-Bolanos are still wanted for horrific offenses and have disappeared from the public eye.

It's time to round 'em up.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

There are various ways you can assist Texas law enforcement.

You can send tips regarding individuals on the Texas Most Wanted list by calling Texas Crime Stoppers at 1-800-252-TIPS (8477). Other ways Texans can help are by sending tips via the Texas DPS Facebook, App or on their website.

Remember - if you see a fugitive from justice, do not attempt to take them into custody. They should be considered armed and dangerous.

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