UPDATE - 4:55 PM -The power of positive (or negative?) thinking! Deadline confirms that 20th Century Fox will not move forward with the 'Say Anything' TV series, as writer Justin Adler and producer Aaron Kaplan have pulled out of the project following Crowe's objection.

For what it's worth, Crowe was reportedly open to the idea of revisiting his earlier work, but denounced the project's having moved forward without his input. 20th apparently tried to reach out, though Crowe's camp claims he'd never learned of the series before yesterday.

Original story follows:

Now more than ever we've seen TV looking to classic films of the '80s and '90s for the next great small screen series idea, whether by reboot or sequel, but a proposed 'Say Anything' TV sequel may have trouble getting its boombox up in the air. NBC has begun development of a potential followup to the classic 1989 Cameron Crowe film, though Crowe is outspokenly none-too-pleased about it.

As first revealed by Deadline, NBC has partnered with 'Better Off Ted' writer Justin Adler to develop a sequel series around 'Say Anything,' one that would pick up 10 years into the relationship between Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack) and Diane Court (Ione Skye). In the modern update, Diane leaves Lloyd but ultimately returns, inspiring the former boombox-wielding high schooler to to "dare to be great once again, get Diane back and reboot his life."

Crowe took to Twitter to voice his displeasure with NBC altering the legacy of his directorial debut, though worth noting is that neither the network nor 20th Century Fox would need Crowe's permission to proceed:

Deadline notes that a mix-up with Crowe's representation may have prevented 20th Century Fox from getting in touch with the 'Almost Filmmaker' to provide an awareness of the project, though again, Crowe has no legal say in preventing a 'Say Anything' reboot from coming to pass.

We've included the trailer for the original film below, but what do you think? Would a 'Say Anything' follow up series be worth the negative attention from Cameron Crowe?

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