There has been an influx of disturbances at local schools from the elementary to high school levels, sometimes escalating to the use of force by police officials. From tasering a 17-year-old in Killeen, putting a second grader in handcuffs in Belton, doctors writing a note about enforcing Texas law on school bullying, and a 10-year-old facing assault charges in Copperas Cove - we are witnessing more and more examples of troubled youth while nothing is being done about it.

More recently, the 8-year-old boy who was placed in handcuffs at Joe M. Pirtle Elementary School after hitting teachers and throwing books and chairs received an apology from the Superintendent of the BISD. The apology was directed to both the child and the parents, who claim he is diagnosed with ADHD and is going through an emotional crisis.

However, many parents voiced there should not have been an apology and that staff and officials handled the situation appropriately. Many responses on KCEN TV's Facebook post place responsibility on the parent and said there other implications here, including the safety of their children, the staff and the child who was handcuffed as well.

ICYMI: The Superintendent of the Belton Independent School District is apologizing to a second grader, and his family,...

Posted by KCEN TV on Thursday, February 18, 2016

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