It's getting real out here -- just ask Scott Storch. The hitmaker was robbed at gunpoint while in New York Tuesday (Aug. 20) and is speaking out about the incident.

The 39-year-old hitmaker appeared on 'RapFix Live' Wednesday (Aug. 21) to recount the harrowing ordeal. According to Storch, when he left the studio at 7AM, two tall gunmen approached him and told him to give up his cash and jewelry or he'll get a bullet.

"It's a setup thing," says Storch. "I think right now people really need to make sure that when you're in the studios… people are on the hunt right now. There's a lot of chains and watches out there… so people gotta make sure their security is right."

The 'Lean Back' producer lost a $100,000 worth of jewelry and $5,000 that was in a suitcase.

"I'm not really worried about losing that stuff," Storch maintains. "Just as long as my family and myself are OK. We went unharmed and nothing's gonna stop the music."

Storch says that he will be a little more cautious now when he's out handling business.

"I'm going to be least a little be more aware of where we are going to be and be more prepared," he said. "Back in the day I was wearing $6 million, $8 million worth of jewelry so this is my idea of [scaling down]."

We are happy that Scott Storch is safe.

Let this be a warning to artists in town for the MTV VMAs -- it's survival of the fittest! Be careful!

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