Central Texas is known for housing a ton of amazing talent. From athletes to performers and scientist, it's a melting pot of creatives and goal getters. So it's no surprise that little Miss Cheyenne Smith of Killeen, Texas is trendsetting at such an early age.

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Meet 6-year-old, newly published author Cheyenne Smith.

Cheyenne is a 2nd grade student who enjoys a number of hobbies such as drawing, dancing, gymnastics, and we can't forget coloring! She set out to be an inspiration for girls all over the world with her new coloring book titled  'Cheyenne Says: A Motivational Coloring Book For Black Girls'.

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This remarkable young lady's coloring book was inspired by a personal exercise Cheyenne participated in with her younger sisters. The coloring book is more than just an exercise to keep busy, but more of a tool to empower and encourage girls of color.

This 30-page coloring book is all about building a Black girl's confidence, self-esteem, and imagination through the use of positive affirmations and images that is representative of them.

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Cheyenne wants to spread a message to girls all over the world. She wants them to know that they are intelligent and beautiful.

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People from all over are supporting Cheyenne by purchasing a copy of 'A Motivational Coloring Book For Black Girls,' and you can too! The soft back coloring book is available for purchase on Amazon Prime for only $7. To purchase your copy, click here. 

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This would make the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys coloring!

Cheyenne, we are so proud of you and hope to see more books in the future. Keep up the good work.

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