At the end of a long day after work, we all look forward to going home and relaxing. After all, going home sometimes is the best thing after a work day, long or short. It's the thought of not having to deal with the silliness of the world sometimes isn't it?

But unfortunately, even when home, things still happen. Something at work needs to fixed, or a family member needs ride home. Or in the case of one home owner in Harker Heights, people can't seem to slow down, thus causing problems on his property.

Dwight Anders And His Fence Issues

Our news partners at KWTX have the story of about a resident of Harker Heights and his issues with drivers in the area. Dwight Anders first had an issue with a driver in May 2021. The unnamed driver crashed into the wooden fence at Anders' home.

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The fence was unfortunately destroyed, and Anders was able to put up a new fence, this time a metal one. However, Anders' fears of another crash happening were sadly realized.

On October 19th, 2022, a second unnamed driver crashed into the fence of Anders, which has prompted questions about the road which Anders' lives on.

Verna Lee Boulevard, The Road In Question

KWTX was able to obtain data from the Harker Heights Police Department which revealed startling numbers about the road. At the time of writing, the last 18 months of data show that 12 vehicle collisions have occurred, while 351 speeding tickets have been given to drivers by police.

Residents of the area, much like Anders, are concerned for their own safety, as well as the safety of their families. Have you witnessed speeding on this road in question? Let us know by sending us a message on our free station app.

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