Kim Kardashian -- truly one of the most self-aware celebrities to grace the modern era -- knows want her fans want and expect from her, and she’s willing to continually deliver. As social media’s premiere selfie queen, Kim understands the value of her own self-portrait, and she’s decided to update her bestselling coffee table book Selfish with brand new photos she’s taken of herself since giving birth to her children, North and Saint.

Kim tweeted the news earlier today (August 12), writing, “New Selfish alert! 2 more chapters added! Dropping soon!”

The new version will hit stores on October 11, according to USA Today, and is set to include 64 new pages and over 120 new photos, some of which will likely include her post-baby body -- which Kim has been obsessively tracking since giving birth to Saint in December 2015. (She now weighs a svelte 124.6 pounds, in case you were interested, which everyone apparently is.)

It should be noted that the book's forthcoming reissue isn’t the first time she’s re-released Selfish with new content. One version with a limited edition cover sold out within ten minutes on Gilt Group, while a special holiday edition came out in late 2015, according to Complex.

Will you purchase Kim's new version of Selfish? Do you think she'll continue to reissue the book ad nauseam, so long as she continues to take selfies -- a near-guaranteed, permanent occurrence? Will the extra photos of North, Saint and (most likely) Kanye make this reissue her best yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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