Parents, Would you like to be able to receive an alert on your phone that confirms that your child has boarded the school bus in the morning? What about an alert that says they have exited the school bus at the end of the day? This is the plan in San Antonio next year when the new Z-Pass system goes online according to

This new way of monitoring students passage to and from school will include a text message sent to parents letting them know their little one has safely boarded or exited the school bus. This new alert system is being put to use by San Antonio ISD in the fall and will begin for grades five and under. The district will use the Safe Stop App for IOS and Android phones.

Administrators will also be able to monitor activity on the school bus which will be helpful should there be some sort of disturbance onboard.

Do you think more school systems in Texas should offer this feature? SAISD plans to expand the program to include older grades of students in the coming years.

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