Although 90 cities across the state of Texas have already passed similar laws, this Thursday at the state capitol in Austin, a law will be introduced to ban distracted driving in the entire state.

Two state legislators Rep. Tom Craddick and state Sen. Judith Zaffirini have been inspired to write a bill to introduce to lawmakers, after the pressure from the city of Groesbeck. Jimmy Rinckner, a citizen of Groesbeck got his city to pass the law  to ensure no one else dies like his sister Amanda, who was killed, texting while driving,

In a previous article I wrote about two weeks ago I provided statistics that showed texting while driving makes you 6 times more likely to get in an accident.

They also show that you are more likely to get in an accident texting than you are if you are drunk!  Which may be why state lawmakers are hoping to get this passed.

Katelyn Smith, Senior, experiences the dange of texting while driving as Scarborough High School St
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