Where I’m from this hustle has been going on for years!

Now they want to stop it!


You give a person a specific amount of money and you go to the grocery store and get food as if you were that person.

You get food at a discounted rate, the person whose card you are using is making a profit everybody wins here!

But if Texas State Representative Dade Phelan gets his way, we will no longer be able to give Brenda down the street $50 for $100 worth of groceries ...

He's introduced House Bill 1250 looking to have The Texas Health and Human Service Commission add the name and photo of each recipient on their Lone Star Card

According to a release sent out by his office in 2016, $17 million worth of fraud was identified in 150 of Texas' counties, showing the most common type of food stamp fraud occurs when, as I said earlier, the pin of the Lone Star card is exchanged for cash


Why are they trying to knock our hustle mannnnnn that’s my question?!?!

Leave well enough alone lol....


What do you think?

Should your name Name and Photo now be on your loan star card?



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