Last week, Brianna Perry, Bia, Diamond, Siya and Nyemiah Supreme couldn’t find a way to come together for their Queen Latifah “U.N.I.T.Y.” tribute, and this week it didn’t look like things were going to get any better. With  a failed rehearsal and crew tension at an all time high, there was no telling what the girl’s final performance would look like. But leave it to Irv Gotti to come in and save the day once with yet another legendary surprise. This time, it came in the form of MC Lyte.

Irv brought MC Lyte in to meet the girls in an attempt to help get their game back on track. Unfortunately for the SHOHH cast, professionalism and communication weren’t a must in the presence of hip-hop royalty. MC Lyte sits back to see what the girls are working with during round two of rehearsals, but because they can’t seem to handle the pressure of working as a group Lyte tells the girls to “cut that arguing s--- out” and walks right out the door.

But since this is all for TV, Oxygen made sure to bring MC Lyte back to give the girls a lesson on team work. By the end of the last rehearsal, the Brooklyn-bred raptress sheds light on what it’s going to take for the girls to pull off the Latifah tribute. Magically, all things come together by show time.

The rap quintet comes together for a moment of prayer before an impromptu heart-to-heart with the Queen herself. And once again, the tears start shedding. But not for long because show time was minutes away. The girls hit the stage ready to rock. However, a few technical issues prevent them from lighting up the stage the way they intended. Thank God for technicians though. With mics fixed and hearts racing, Siya only had one thing to say. “Everybody gotta be on point and on time. And just don’t f--- it up.”

Latifah’s remixed version of “U.N.I.T.Y.” was presented in a very cipher-esque style. And they all bodied it! But the group performance wasn’t the only thing pressing for the girls in their final days of filming. Although Brianna didn’t have the backing of her label, she’s still pushing to get her “Ugly Girls” track out to the world with complete visual support. And somehow, with a simple $3,500 budget, she pulled it off. Of course, E Class is impressed and he lets her know “the money is on the way!”

While Brianna is finally getting her music and money back on track, Tank sets Siya up with a movie audition. He tells her acting is the difference with Eminem and 50 Cent verse all the others. They’re not one-dimensional, and she shouldn’t be either. Ultimately, Siya gets the role, and Tank and her manager come to congratulate her on her first acting role – where she just happens to be working alongside Larenz Tate and Meagan Good.

To wrap things up, Bia closes out the season with a few simple words. "This is Hollywood. Stars are made here everyday. Unity is power, and we’re just here passing it on."

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