Ski Mask The Slump God sounds off about one of his prized possessions—a durag—and  took some shots at Drake in the process. The 2018 XXL Freshman feels Drizzy is not only biting his style but has failed to give other artists credit for being inspired by them.

"I Know Y’all See People Wearing They Durag Like Me Now," Ski tweeted out on Sunday (Sept. 2) before calling out Drake directly. "My Thing Is Drake Be Adding A lot Of Other People Sauce To What He Got And Don’t Credit No One On It The Fuck Is That."

He also changed his Twitter avatar to a photo of the Canadian rapper donning a durag and uploaded a similar clip on his Instagram page. The 6 God has yet to respond to any of the slights.

Drama aside, new music from the Slump God is on the horizon. A couple weeks after appearing on' new track "Ankle," the Florida rapper announced he'll be dropping over a dozen tracks next month, tweeting, "October Is When New Music Coming 16 Songs." One of those include a feature from Danny Towers, which Ski previewed in August.

Perhaps one of the forthcoming tracks has a J.I.D feature. When the two sat down for their 2018 XXL Freshman Roundtable Interview, they both agreed to work on new music together in the near future. J.I.D also added that Ski will be featured on his upcoming projectDiCaprio 2.

While you wait for some new tunes from Ski, take a look at his thoughts on Drake in their entirety below.

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