Houston luminary Slim Thug considers himself an expert at many things, and apparently, that includes marriage advice. On Wednesday morning (Aug. 2) he dropped by the studio of 97.9 The Box to share a very interesting conspiracy theory: Ciara and Russell Wilson’s marriage isn't what we think it is.

While there isn't much context regarding how The Wilsons became a topic of discussion, Thug didn't hesitate to unload his theory. “Do a woman who used to talk to Future really want a Russell Wilson?” Thug asks the show's hosts. “I don’t believe it. I think it’s all for financial stability.”

If you recall, Ciara and Future's relationship crumbled shortly after cheating rumors began to swirl in the midst of making their engagement public and welcoming their adorable son baby Future in 2014. Soon after their relationship fizzled, Ciara became romantically involved with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Wilson. They’ve since gotten married and had a baby of their own, but Slim Thug simply isn’t buying it.

“No hate, I bought his shoes the other day… I’m just saying I have no personal issue with him, or her, God bless them,” he clarified before further explaining why he doesn’t think their relationship is legit.

“He’s just a corny dude, ain’t nothing wrong with it,” Thug says. “I ain’t gonna say corny cause that’s hatin’ but he’s just like a square...I don’t believe a girl coming from a street dude could even adapt to that.”

Or, perhaps the lengthy legal battle which has ensued between Ciara and her former fiancee Future was enough to make her never look back.

Press play on Slim Thug sharing his thoughts on Ciara and Russell Wilson's marriage below.

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