SnapChat does it again, this time its beneficial.

Are you as tired of all the social media updates as I am? Well, I think we better get use to it cause it doesn't seem like it will change any time soon.

Snapchat jumps on the bandwagon of change and this time the updates are somewhat beneficial if you are a certified lurker. So get this, you now have the ability to re-watch a snap without going through the motions of watching the entire story. To do this click on the left side of the video and it will start the story from the beginning.

Wait a minute there is more! Have you ever saw a snap and wanted to share it with a friend? You no longer have to share passwords and all that detective stuff again. You now have the option to share someones video by pressing it while it plays! It will give you the choice to share to someone's direct message. (Be careful I'm not sure if the person is notified that you shared their video)

Finally updates that will actually help!

Your welcome my fellow lurkers!