You may be able to get even more free candy this Halloween.

Mars candy has pledged via Twitter to give out one million free Snickers bars if the United States Government officially changes the date of the spooky holiday.

MSN reports that the petition to change the date from October 31st to the last Saturday of the month already has over 100,000 signatures.

Most of those supporting the change claim it's to make the holiday safer for children, allowing them to go out during the day. Hmm, I don't know, maybe just keep an eye on your kid and they will be safe.

I think it's mostly about ensuring the party is on the weekend so the adults can overindulge on the loudmouth juice. And they say it's for the kids, the nerve!

What about tradition? Change it now and all those classic Halloween songs will sound off! You know like the one about... uhh..there's that other one about... candy or uh something.

Okay, if you want to change it's fine, I'll take free candy. It beats a rock.

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