Every week, SNL ends up having to cut a sketch or two for time — these segments are released online as “digital exclusives.” Sometimes, those segments are better than anything else that aired, like this short that was cut from the Season 40 finale, featuring Louis C.K. and Kyle Mooney’s pitiful fictional comedian Bruce Chandling.

Sometimes, SNL actually does have time for these segments to air. By putting them online, they get more people talking about the show and the sites that host these videos get more traffic. They know what they’re doing.

Anyway, this amazing short was cut from last night’s episode, as plenty of Kyle Mooney’s segments, which typically air at the end of the episode (exception: his shorts with Beck Bennett) often are. This also isn’t the first Bruce Chandling short to be cut for time recently. There was also a really good one involving Kevin Hart. This one features host Louis C.K., playing himself, with Bruce accusing C.K. of stealing his incredibly basic observational material — stuff about living in a house, and “Women, right? They’re just built differently.”

C.K. has encountered joke theft in his actual career, most notoriously with Dane Cook (and there’s a great episode of Louie that deals with that specific incident), but I love how the tables are turned here in this clever short, which provides commentary on how many comedians are basically the same, using the same building block concepts for their jokes.

This is also the most empathetic that Chandling’s ever been, and his tearful, heartfelt speech to Louis C.K. about his lonely, pathetic life is enough to make you cry. It’s very likely that we’ll see Mooney become an MVP on SNL in the next few years.

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