Snoop Dogg flipped his alter ego from Snoop Lion to anchorman Nemo Hoes so he can entertain his good friend Paris Hilton on an episode of the GGN News Network. ‘The Drop It Like It’s Hot’ rapper interviewed Hilton about her business ventures and forced her to drink beer for the first time. Say what?

This is what happens when two cultures come together and have a good time. Hilton visited the broadcast bearing plenty of gifts for the Doggfather including cologne and an expensive pocketbook from her accessory collection. Snoop asked the socialite how she handles her business amid the tabloids writing negative stories about her.

“I’ve been doing this since I was 15 years old,” says Hilton. “People are evil and mean, and they talk s— and are haters. There’s the good and the bad that comes with it. But you have to learn that you only live once. Who cares? I’m having fun.”

Snoop agreed with Hilton and commented, “People need to know that we are a people who love to have a good time. So when you see us out and about don’t get at us with some bulls—, get at us with some real s—. We came here to have a good time.” Yeah, Snoop. Preach!

Snoop also introduced the world to the term “blasphemize,” which is defined as talking a gang of s— about a real muthaf—a. Hmmm, we’ll make a mental note of that.

Near the end of the interview, Snoop gives Hilton some gifts including a 40 ounce of Colt 45 beer, which she drinks for the first time. Hilton guzzled down that liquor like a baby sucking on a pacifier. You go girl! Now that’s hot.

All and all, Snoop Dogg, err, we mean, Snoop Lion, uh, we mean, Nemo Hoes had a great time with Paris Hilton. Check out this hilarious episode of the GGN News or else you’re going to get blasphemized. Fa rizzle, my dizzle.

Watch Snoop Dogg and Paris Hilton on GGN News

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