Now that Winter Storm Viola has made its way through Central Texas, what's next?

Man, we are living in some crazy times. The pandemic continues, a 'woke' America, the most divisive election in modern times and now winterpocalypse 2021. For some reason I feel like something else is right around the corner and heading our way.

I lived in Colorado for 33 years before coming to Texas in 2017 and I've been through some winter storms that I thought couldn't be beat. Sub-zero temperatures, snow drifts as tall as my house, I survived multiple blizzards back in 1997 that trapped us in our home for a full week. All the while we kept the power on. What we've been through the last several days is just crazy and something the apparently no one saw coming, at least not to the extent of being without power and heat for several days.

The good news is that Texans are starting to see power restored now that Winter Storm Viola has calmed down. With that comes heat for many freezing Texans, and as we start to look at the next couple of days, including whatever the fallout of ERCOT is and the threat of rising energy costs and gas prices, all while still trying to dig out of the pandemic, here's what we can expect as far as the weather goes.

According to our partners at KWTX, The Weather Authority, we will still see freezing temps today with above freezing temps expected for tomorrow and through the weekend. That's welcome news for sure but be mindful that overnight lows will still be in the 20's an lower 30's so any ice melting we get in the daylight hours could be turning back to ice in the overnight hours. It may take a few days to get rid of the current icy conditions across Central Texas.

The 10-day forecast even shows mid-to-upper 60's Tuesday and Wednesday of next week and possibly 70 on Thursday.

It's important to stress that the melting ice will freeze up after nightfall once temps drop so be extra careful as you navigate back to work or to to the store.

Did I mention that we could see 70 next Thursday? Yea...can't wait!

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