Apparently, the unpaid tax bill in California is news to Solange. The R&B songbird responded to the news on Twitter. Her team is looking to resolve the issue if she does owe money.


Just days after Solange Knowles tied the knot to her longtime beau, Alan Ferguson, the taxman came knocking at her door looking for his money.

According to TMZ, the R&B songbird owes $55,000 in back taxes for 2010 to 2012 in the state of California. Apparently, the Internal Revenue Service filed the tax lien three days after Solo’s beautiful wedding. How rude.

It shouldn’t be a problem for Solange to pay up. The ‘T.O.N.Y.’ singer is a label owner and the Art Director and Creative Consultant for Puma.

Solange is among several musicians who have been hit by the IRS for back taxes in recent months.

Rapper Lil Kim was recently served with a notice that she owes $126,000 in back taxes.

Other artists like Lauryn Hill and Fat Joe had to go to prison for their tax delinquency.

We are quite sure that Solange won’t have to worry about wearing an orange jumpsuit anytime soon.

In the end, when the taxman cometh, he means business, regardless of marital status.

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