Got a Texas High School student who participates in their school's marching band? Well, as of August 1st be prepared to get that student a sports physical before they will be allowed to perform with the band. says the state-wide rule goes into effect on August 1st. The new rule comes from the University Interscholastic League and will apply to students in their first and third years of high school but will also include seventh and eighth-grade middle school students who are taking part in marching band.

Long hours of practice in the Texas heat is one of many motivating factors for the rule change. A sports physical will give doctors a chance to see things like elevated blood pressure which could put some participants at risk in the field under extreme heat. The check-ups will also help students become healthier adults.

The new rule will take effect on August 1st, but marching band members everywhere are being encouraged to go ahead and get the exam in July before practice squads really get going at the end of this month. Students should check with their school for additional info about the sports physical requirement.

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