Fair food has been and will always be an essential part of life. We all have our favorite food to snack on while deciding which rides to jump on our games to play, but we're not here to talk about our favorites, even though we could go for a long time describing our tastiest cuisine.

The Texas State Fair is fast approaching, with the first day of the festivities set to begin on September 23rd, 2022. There's so much to take in in at the event, from rides, live music, to even two football games for fans to watch. With so many people coming to the fair, many of them will be walking around and will certainly be hungry.

So yes, food is major draw at the fair. There's even going to be a food map that is available to those wanting to chow down at the fair. Which truly defines the phrase, "Everything is bigger in Texas."

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So Two Questions Now Remain

Yes, you probably know the question. It's simply, "What do I try first?" or "How do I know what food is available?" Thankfully, someone at the State Fair of Texas had the wonderful idea to simply list all the food for us to drool over.

So this is the part where we should probably tell you to have a napkin ready just in cause you might start salivating. But enough talk, it is time for us to get ready to chow down! All info is provided from the State Fair of Texas website.

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Now we're all hungry aren't we?

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