At some point in your life, you have probably taken a Whataburger table tent. It might have been a dare, the number may have meant something to you, you might have just felt rebellious. But it seems that Whataburger isn't mad at you for doing it.

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As a matter of fact, Rich Scheffler, Whataburger’s vice president of marketing and innovation told, "We just believe it’s the cost of doing business. When we see them on a dashboard or somebody’s desk or shelf, it makes us proud that somebody likes us that much. We’re pleased that our customers have that connection." Scheffler estimates that they lose more than one million table tents every year from either theft or just the tent wearing out.

Obviously Whataburger, nor do we at the radio station, endorse theft in any shape, form or fashion. But at the same time, Whataburger does not instruct their employees to chase you down if you take one.

Stealing those orange and white order markers has even created a "black market" of sorts for Whataburger table tents. They will go for anywhere between $3 to $30 for a single tent to a full set for as much as $160. You can the "deals" on eBay.

If you're not the the thieving kind, you can purchase a table tent at They are made with a certain theme in mind, however, such as a birthday or graduation year, so you can't get a specific number like in the store.

Great, now I want a #5 with a large fry and drink with some spicy ketchup.

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