If you are like me, stuck in the house, snowed in, and just plain bored while we wait on the snow and cold to pass so this can be Texas again, I got some stuff for you to watch to help you get through.

Well, really it's all in what you like.

Me? I'm all over the place.

For starters, I have an air fryer.

I like to make chicken wings in my air fryer.

Last Saturday, February 13th, I was thinking to myself  "Mannn I can't wait to get home and put some wings in the air fryer and relax!"

Went to HEB and womp womp womp...y'all took all the wings.

Instead of putting a cap on toilet tissue, how about putting a cap on dem wings!

So I've been going back and forth from Netflix, HBO Max, and Youtube TV.

I've watched Judas And The Black Messiah (released Friday 2-12-2021), the story of Fred Hampton and how the FBI blackmailed a black man to be an informant to spy on the Black Panther Party).


Hip Hop Evolution (documentaries on different aspects of Hip Hop, from MC's, Producers, Record Labels, Regions, and more) was on my watch list too.

The President Trump Impeachment Hearings (the obvious showing of the last president's influence of hundreds of rioters at the Capitol in January yet a certain political party didn't seem to think the President had to do anything to do with it).


Countless episodes of Family Guy, ESPN's SportsCenter, CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, The Daytona 500 (never got into race car driving but watching that was pretty cool), old episodes of Three's Company, and The 2pac Biopic "All Eyez On Me."

Then there were the few times my internet went out, and I had to watch DVD's.

It reminded me that I have classics on DVD including all of the Chappelle's Show, as well as boxsets of the show Punk'd from back when Ashton Kutcher hosted it.

Ha! DVD's so 2005-ish right?

Well, I hope I helped or at least sparked an interest in my limited taste of pop culture! LOL


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