Big Bank Hank of the Sugarhill Gang in 1979 changed music history with the song 'Rapper's Delight'. This song moved Rap music to a mainstream audience and thus created the beginning of Hip Hop as we know it.

Big Bank Hank age 57 years old died Tuesday after a long battle with Cancer. Wonder Mike and Master Gee released a statement through their business manager, David Mallie, "So sad to hear about our brothers passing. The 3 of us created musical history together with the release of 'Rapper's Delight.' We will always remember traveling the world together and rocking the house. Rest in peace Big Bank."

I remember playing it over and over and then performing "Rappers Delight at a club in Austin with a couple of friends and really is one of the reasons I got into Hip Hop and radio. In the immortal words of Big Bank Hank "Everybody go hotel, motel, Holiday Inn if yo girl start acting up then you take her friend".  I still remember the Sugarhill Gang like it was yesterday with music for the black, the white, the red, the brown, and the purple and yellow....


'Our thoughts go out to Big Bank Hank's family during this difficult time.'


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