Let's be frank here: when it comes to Killeen, Texas, glamorous isn't exactly the word I would use to describe it. It's not a glitzy or glamourous places like some bigger cities, but hey, it's home.

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Apparently, the only time glamorous gets used to describe Killeen, Texas is when someone puts together a list of the "least glamorous" cities in the U.S.

Lawn Starter released the results of their "2022’s Most Glamorous Cities in the U.S." list, which ranked the top 200 U.S. cities on 35 categories including household wealth, million dollar homes, fine dining, and more.

Most Glamorous Cities in the U.S.

Let's start with our winners. The top five cities all have a reputation as being pretty glamorous.

5 - Seattle, Washington

4 - Washington D.C.

3 - Miami, Florida

2 - New York, New York

1 - San Francisco, California

All five of those cities do really well in the Fine Dining, Beauty, and Entertainment categories.

Glamorous Texas Cities

There were some bright spots here in Texas.

Houston finished at #11 based on a top 3 finish in the "Status and Wealth" category. Dallas was ranked #15 with a top 10 finish in "Status and Wealth" and at #11 in the "Entertainment" category. Austin came in at #31, finishing strong in both the "Status and Wealth" and "Fashion" categories.

Is Killeen, Texas Glamorous?

Short answer: no, not if you are judging based on all of these categories. On the list of the top 200 Glamorous Cities, Killeen, Texas finished at 199, right behind Laredo, Texas at 198 and Clarksville, Tennessee at 197.

Killeen may have its faults but for many of those that live here, it's home. We don't need to be "Glamorous" to find the things we like and enjoy the life around us. In Killeen, we just do things a little differently.

Not a strong finish, but were you really thinking it would be? Could have been worse though. At least we're not Brownsville, Texas, who finished at 200.

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